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Dry Needling

Dry needling uses small needles the same as acupuncture needles to ‘deactivate’ trigger points.

Trigger points are the tight fibrous areas of muscle, which can impact on the muscles performance and often cause pain locally as well as referred pain.

Needles are single use and inserted into the muscle fibre where the trigger point has been located by the therapist. The practitioner may move the needle to find the trigger point and usually a referred pain is felt by the client followed by a local twitch response. This is the way the muscle releases. After 2-3 twitch responses are felt, the needle is taken out. Gentle stretching helps to relieve any residual pain.


Jareth Mercicea

Excellent Massage Therapist! Felt very comfortable and enjoyed a professional experience. Even got an extra 10 minutes!

Robert Murdoch

Both myself and my partner have been attending all coast massage now for a few years .. we have found scott and the team very friendly and professional


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